Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012

Strategy games are different from the regular PC games. In the ancient times, people used to play games like chess to prove their intellectual minds. These days, people like to play strategy games rather than the regular games. Players need to be very smart to play these games. They should have a clear goal in their minds about what they are doing and what are going to do next. Also, they should have some idea about what their enemy’s next could be. All they have to do is just remain a step ahead of their enemy all the time. In this article, I am presenting a list of the top 10 strategy games for the year 2012.
10. Total War: Shogun
Total War Shogun 300x166 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012

There are some games which occupy the gamers’ mind long before their release and just stay there for a very long time even after its release. Total War: Shogun is one of those kinds. It was released in 2011 and is still included in the top 10 list of the best strategy games of 2012. Based on The Art of War by Sun Tzu, this game makes use of samurai warriors rather than the tanks and airplanes as used by other games. For kids as well as teenagers, this strategy game is a must play.
9. Wargame: European Escalation
Wargame European Escalation 300x153 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012
Eugen Systems’ game, Wargame: European Escalation is one of the newest real time strategy games. If you are a kind of player having keen interest in fighting games, you should try this game for sure. You have to choose your side very intelligently because the weapons provided to you would depend on the choice of the side only. The graphics of this game are also very brilliant and you would be playing this game with a deep interest, thanks to the large maps and scenery objects provided by Eugen Systems.
8. King Arthur II
King Arthur II 300x150 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012
The original King Arthur is still liked by many of the PC Gamers around the world and when we talk about the real time strategy games; King Arthur has done its very best. Now, its sequel King Arthur II has arrived in the gaming world and fans are expecting it to provide even more enjoyment and fun. The plot is new and instead of a valiant ruler as featured in the original King Arthur, this time, king would be seen as a Maimed king.
7. Warlock: Master of the Arcane
 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012

If you do not like to play games in single player mode, here is an awesome alternative in the form of Warlock: Master of the Arcane. This game is definitely a superb real time strategy game. The game is set in Ardania. You would play as a Great Mage who would master various spells and then create a huge magical empire. Basically, it is a war, and your armies would fight with these spells and enchantments only. The one who wins would be given the title of the Warlock. As it is a strategy game, the more you research on the spell combinations, higher are your chances of winning and in order to get more powerful than the enemy, you have to learn various tricks.
6. Xenonauts:
Xenonauts1 300x187 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012
There are people out there who just love to play single payer games and have never even tried playing the turn based multi player games. For those players, I would like to suggest that they should at least once, try playing Xenonauts. Basically, Xenonauts is the name of an organisation and while playing this game, you would control this organisation. The only mission of your organisation would be to protect the earth from an alien who would repeatedly try to destroy the planet. If you know something about the UFO: Enemy Unknown, then just think of this game much similar to that, because it is like an unofficial sequel to that one.
5. Command and Conquer: Generals 2
Command and Conquer Generals 2 300x157 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012
It was in 1995 that Command and Conquer gaming series came into existence. This real time strategy gaming series has gained popularity among a large number of PC Gamers across the globe. Every game this series has released has made a large number of fans. Command and Conquer: Generals 2 is the 8th game it has released so far and as indicated by the name itself, this game is a sequel to the Generals released by Command and Conquer earlier on.
4. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Carrier Command Gaea Mission 300x150 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012
If you have ever played the original Carrier Commander of the 80s, you would obviously be expecting the new version, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission to be somewhat better. To your pleasure, it is good news that Gaea Mission is very similar to the original game and is hell of fun. When you start playing this game, and when you continue playing, the fun is not lost anywhere. You feel all the same throughout the game. There are battles and they would be fought everywhere, on land, in the air and in the water as well.
3. Guild Wars 2
guild wars 21 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012
Guild Wars was one of the best strategy games ever created. The original game was released in 2005 and now, in 2012, the sequel to the game has come up. This sequel Guild Wars 2 is here to provide much more enjoyment and fun. The story is really nice and a perfect and awesome blend of RTS and RPG would give you tons of excitement and pleasure. Released in the late August 2012, this game was something PC Gamers have been waiting for since a very long time.
2. Crusader Kings II
Crusader Kings II 300x150 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012
Crusader Kings was loved by PC Gamers all over the world. That is the reason we have the sequel Crusader Kings II at the position of number 2 in our list. The game is set around the time period around the Middle Ages. As a player of this game, you would be given an opportunity to work as an in-charge of Medieval Dynasty. This is a real time strategy game and on every move, you need to think whether you are doing right or wrong and you have to plan your moves in order to get the success. But overall, you will enjoy this game very much.
1. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
 Top 10 Best Strategy Games of 2012

Starcraft games have always been great fun and there would rarely be any PC Gamer across the globe who would not love to play the Starcraft games. This time, Starcraft has come up with yet another awesome game, the Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. There are as many as 20 different missions available to the players. And the main focus of the game is on the Zerg species. If you are a real time strategy games fan, this game must be tried by you at least once

Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries

We can say that sports and injuries are synonyms and antonyms at the same time. If you are a sportsman, injuries are common to you but if you are having injuries it is hard for you to cope up with your sports. If you are a sports fan you must be hearing about a lot of injuries occurring to the players. To increase your knowledge about these injuries we brought up this article for you so that next time you hear about a injury you can guess out that after how much time your player is going to return in the game.
concussion football 1 Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
Concussion comes in view from an injury to brain which is caused by a blow to the head generally. The various symptoms of the injury are headache, vision disturbance, amnesia, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, loss of balance and difficulty in concentrating. The injury is generally involved in contact sports like soccer, football, boxing, hockey, etc. The main treatment of concussion is resting . A proper amount of break should be taken to get the rest otherwise you can suffer from the second impact syndrome.
9.)-Achilles Tendinitis
achilles tendonites Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
Achilles is the tendon behind our ankle and is known as Achilles tendon. When this tendon is overused, it can cause pain and inflammation to occur and this is known as Achilles Tendinitis. The improper treatment can lead to a condition where running is impossible. The injury is most common in the athletes and runners. Only prevention for the injury is the stretching and strengthening of calf muscles. The best treatment possible for Achilles Tendinitis is RICE, i.e. rest, ice, compression and elevation. Playing should not be resumed until complete healing.
8.)-Groin Strain
groin1 Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
Groin or adductor muscles are situated in the upper part of the thighs. Having a fan like structure they are used to pull the legs together. This injury generally comes in picture when we suddenly change directions  while we are running. The injury is common in sports like cricket, hockey, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and racket sports. General symptoms are swelling and sharp pain. Stretching is the best prevention. The best treatment for the groin strain is RICE.
7.)-Ankle Sprain
Ankle Ligaments Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
Generally the ankle sprain is caused due to the rolling of foot to outside and it results as the sprain to the ligaments which are on the outside of ligaments. It generally causes swelling and often turns blue and black. When there is no actual tearing of the ligament in this injury it only causes a mild sprain whereas in case of fibre tearing it is called moderate sprain. It is referred as severe  sprain only when all of the fibres tears. Here also the best treatment for the injury is RICE to limit the internal bleeding. After that several exercises are performed so that the muscles gain the power back. Balance training is must.
6.)-Shin Splints
splint Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
The muscle pain near the shin bones is called Shin Splints. The general cause for the injury us jumping or running on hard surfaces. They can also occur on the overuse of the muscles. The pain arises inside the third middle of the shin bone. The arch muscle of the foot begins to pull muscle fibres loose from shin bone due to repeated stress and hence causes small bleeding areas and pain. In the bigger cases you can also face a fracture. The best treatment is to provide an arch support to foot and hence the prevention of pronation and pull of tendon.
5.)-Runner’s Knee
knee 1 Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
It is the most obvious cause of knee pain and its medical name is Chondromalacia Patella. It is caused due to misalignment of the kneecap from the groove. The kneecap generally pulls of to a side and hence rubs on a side of the groove and hence causes wear out of the cartilage on the front and the rear side of the kneecap. In case of fluid build up it also results in swelling. It can occur in any sports wherever running is required. It is treated by strengthening quadriceps muscles hooking to the kneecap. Stretching of the quadriceps muscle is also recommended along with a large dose of aspirin.
4.)-Tennis Elbow
tennis elbow1 Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
An inflammation of forearm muscles and tendon connecting the elbow bones is called tennis elbow or golf elbow. Its general cause is overuse of muscles and its pain is felt on the lateral epicondylitis, i.e. outside of elbow. It generally occurs to the tennis and golf players. In the case of golfers the pain generally arises in the weak hand. Another kind of tennis elbow is known as medical epicondylitis which causes pain inside the elbow instead of outside. Its treatment stresses more on lessons rather than medicine. Hence proper training is provide to the players suffering from the injury.
3.)-Lower Back Strain
lower back muscles Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
A lower back strain is not only common to the players but it also persists well in common man’s life. Every player have suffered this injury as its one of the most common sports injury. General causes of the injury are awkward twisting, unpractised activity and heavy weight lifting. The general cause is tear or pull in muscle fibres which are weak or tense. It causes spasm and pain in back muscles. The players most prone to it are golfers, tennis players, weightlifters, etc.. The injury goes away itself after some time if its simple but in case of spasm greater care is required. It requires a long rest with doses of aspirin and lot of icing.
2.)-Shoulder Injury
afp20041115p1947 f1 Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
Its a well known fact in sports that 20% of the sports injuries are shoulder injuries, whether they may be dislocations or sprains or strains. Its common in all the sports which involves overhead movements, for example volleyball, tennis, baseball, swimming, weightlifting, etc.. The general cause is the shoulder overuse generally resulting in loose rotator cuff. It causes stiffness, weakness and pain in shoulder. RICE is your best bet against shoulder injuries and you can use aspirins along with it. Right amount of rest and shoulder reformation is equally praisable for rehabilitation of the shoulder from the injury.
1.)-Muscle Pull
muscle Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
The most common sports injury and known to everybody. It can happen to any muscle in our body and hence can provide hindrance in our output. Even after all kind of stretching and protections there are slight chances of having a muscle pull in our body. The general causes of the muscle pull are falling, fatigue and overuse. Its very hard to prevent one from muscle pull. A sudden muscle pull results in stretched fibres causing tear. If only few fibres get teared  its called muscle pull but in case of severe tearing it is referred as muscle tear. The rest and icing are the best treatment for the muscle pull. You can stretch yourself afterwards.

Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

29 percent of the earth is land while the remaining 71 percent is the ocean, the home of marine life. A huge portion of life present on earth lives in the ocean. today marine life plays an important role in humans life. there is a huge variety of marine animals found in this marine ecosystem. this includes several microscopic species, birds, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles etc. marine animals are always considered as the most attractive species found on earth. several are considered as the human partner which may include, dolphins, penguins etc. Today marine life attracts most of the people of the world either it may be for there attractiveness or for adventure . So here are the world’s top 10 cutest marine or sea animals :
10 )Anemones fish
anemonefish sizes 300x214 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

Anemone fish also named as clownish are from the family of Amphiprioninae. these fish are able to swim among the stinging tentacles without getting stung. they have shinning skin with protective slime coating there bodies, they develop these slime after they are born. these fishes are found in warmer water basically the pacific ocean. they feed on small invertebrates. they live at the bottom of the sea level. there largest size is 18 cm and smallest is 10 cm. they are basically found in orange, yellow or reddish color.
9) Dolphins
Delphinus delphis with calf 300x200 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

Dolphins are the sea mammals related somewhat to whales. there are around 80 species of dolphins. they are found through out the world in shallow seas. dolphins live in group and are social, there grouping can be even around 1000. they are carnivorous and feed on small fishes and squids. they have clean and soft skin, and these skin perform sensory organ for them. dolphins are compared to humans in several ways, they are intelligent and have a perfect communication skills in them.
8) Turtles
turtle wallpaper 1152x864 300x225 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

turtles are the reptiles which are categorized as a special bony shell on the back. turtles spend there lots of time living in water. they breathe from air so they come at the surface of water regularly. tortoises have short feets and are famous for slow moving. sea turtles are entirely aquatic and have flippers instead of feet. these feets can also be used as claws. they have a rigid beak. they use their jaw to cut out and chew food. the turtle known earliest was around 235 million years ago. so they are included in both living and extinct species. they can change there temperature according to the surrounding. they have high metabolism rate.
7) Polar bear
polar bear cubs 300x196 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

polar bear are found in the arctic circle. it is the world largest carnivore on land and also the largest among the bear. they are basically white in color and are known as distinct species. they are very dangerous, every year 100 of peoples are attacked by them. they basically live on the surface of the ice and are dependent on the fishes and seal found in those area. they are very sensitive when comes to there baby, if the female bear feels unsecure then they attack without thinking. they may weight upto 1500 pounds. it has an excellent sense of smell, which helps them in hunting. polar bear is the most common animal used in the movie industry in several cartoon serials too.
6) Baby harbour seal
MarkDodge BabyHarborSeal 300x225 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

They are simply known as common seal. harbour seal are found in the coastal water of Atlantic ocean, pacific ocean and north seas. they are an amazing sea animal and are considered very friendly to humans by many people and scientists. they have v shaped nostrils and they use there whiskers for hunting and sensing the enemies. seal are born on the land and within five hours they lead there way to the water. they are found in brown, gray or tan color  there maximum weight and height can be 132 kilogram and 6.1 ft.
5) Penguins
penguin picture 300x216 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

penguins are included in the  aquatic bird which can’t fly. they are basically found in the southern hemisphere. penguins spend half of there life in water and half on land. they are not only found in cold region but are also found in temperate climate. they are mostly found on the island and ice bergs around Antarctica. they depend on small fishes and squids living in the water. there are around 20 species of penguin found now a days. there average weight is 35 kg and height of around 3 ft. they are black and white in colour, to the front they are white and there back is black.
4) White Whale
Walesss 300x195 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

they are the most common marine or sea mammal. they are also named as the beluga whale. they are found in the arctic and sub arctic region. they are basically found in groups. there group can be 4 to 10 members. they are highly skilled in hearing and based on the concept of echolocation. they are highly distinguishable from other species as they are entirely white or whitish grey in colour. they are able to change the shape of there head by soaking the air. they are too socializing animal as they are always found in groups.
3) Sea otter
sea otters3 300x225 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

a sea otter is a marine or sea mammal found on the coast of northern and eastern pacific ocean. they are around a weight of 20 to 40 kg. they have a thick and heavy fur on there body. they are found only in water as they can not walk on land. there are around 13 species of sea otter. they are said as the smallest marine or sea mammal. the best feature in them is that they can close there nostril and ear when they require. they have a schedule for every work they basically hunt in the morning and sleep in the mid day.
2) Jelly fish
jellyfish 300x244 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

jelly fish are the free swimming marine animals that contains a gelatinous umbrella like structure shaped bell and several tentacles. they use there tentacles to catch prey. they are found in every part of the world in the ocean from deep to the surface. they are colorful species and glow light. they have no brain. they just hunt on the basis of the touch. they have multiple eyes around 20 out of which two are used to seek color  there age is too short from an hour to few month depending on the species.
1) Star fish
Starfish 02 paulshaffner 1 300x199 Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

They are also called as sea star. star fish are the most common mammal of the sea. they are found in several shades of color  there body surface determines there type and structure determines their characteristic. star fish move using water vascular system. star fish have a tube feet monitored by hydraulic system and they have their mouth in the center  they have a central disk and five arms. they have complex life cycle and can reproduce sexually and bi-sexually

Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the top most beautiful places which one can prefer for spending there holidays. Sri Lanka is one of the tourist destinations because it has some best qualities which a person can prefer, firstly it is authentic destination, secondly it is one of the smallest island of around 65,610 sqkm, so people can cover whole country within few days, and thirdly it has unique diversity which can attract the soul of any person. Completely it is one of the place where you could calm and rejoice yourself with a complete entertaining mood. If you go in Sri Lanka you could find beaches, wildlife, festival, adventure, scenic beauty, heritage, mind and body fitness as it has several types of herbs which is famous here. There are total of around 8 to 10 world heritage sites in Sri Lanka. So now let me take you to a tour of Sri Lanka’s top 10 places to visit:

1) Anuradhapuram
5452 anuradhapura ruvanvelisaya 300x225 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
Anuradhapura 300x225 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

It is a major city of Sri lanka, it is the capital of Sri Lanka and is an ancient city as it is famous from around 4 BC, it was known for its stability and durability. This city has some of the complex irrigation system of the ancient world. Some of the greatest place to visit in Anuradhapuram are: Lovamahapaya, Sri Maha Bodhiya, Abhayagiri Dagaba, Thuparamaya, Queen’s palace and several others. This city also contain the sacred BO-Tree which is said that it is back from the 245 BC. There are several large lakes which were constructed for irrigation. This city became much popular due to its ritual centre but even administrative centre. Srilanka strongly supports Buddhism so u can find several other temples here.

2) Dehiwala- Mount Lavinia
mount lavinia hotel sri lanka 930 300x218 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
19301583 300x225 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

It is the largest suburb of western province of Colombo. This place is famous for the beach resort in mount Lavania. It is named as the golden mile of beaches. It is also famous for the laid back nightlife and beach party. It has natural surroundings. It also has a historical site known as the governor’s house. It has some popular religious places such as Vishnu Kovil and rajamaha Viharaya.

3) Kitulgala
kitulgala rest house 1 300x210 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
kitulgala 2 300x210 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

It is a small town in west of Sri Lanka. It is a small and silent village with its scenic beauty. It is basically a rain forest and have two monsoons every year. It has beautiful scenery. It is most famous for its river rafting. The most attractive part of this place is the Kelani River. It has beautiful scenery. You can in the best food of Sri Lanka here i.e. rice and curry in every part of this place. Several films have been taped here for its perfect background.

4) Colombo
Colombo Lake 300x225 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
colombo sri lanka 300x152 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

Colombo is the largest city of the Sri Lanka. It is located on the west coast of the island. Colombo is one of the busy and vibrant cities, with modern life and culture. It is refer as the model city of Asia. It has the two world trade centre towers, Colombo most beautiful festival celebration is birth of Buddha. There are latent compaction and the entire city is decorated with lanterns. The national museum is one of the collections in Sri Lanka. Some places to visit in Sri Lanka are Murugan Hindu temple, Colombo fort, Beira Lake, Gallery Island. It is also famous for the national museum, the old Colombo light house. One of the most important landmarks of this city is the independence hall.

5) Yale national park
stock photo national park yale sri lanka different views 49074019 300x214 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
i yale nationalpark hikkaduwa sri lanka+1152 13164568025 tpfil02aw 29576 300x200 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

It is the most popular and visited national park in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka It is the second largest national park. It is situated in the southern region of the province. It has a variety of ecosystem. Here you can see a big variety of wild animals, several species of birds are particularly found in Sri Lanka, and it attracts most people by the beers, elephants and leopards. This park is also the centre of civilisation, the king ravana established this park. The coastal side of this park is one of the most attractive places where you can find several endangered species such as turtles.

6) Dambulla
Dambulla001 300x200 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
dambulla cave temple sri lanka 300x224 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

It is a big town in the centre of Sri Lanka. The most attractive area of this place is the cave temple. This is named as the golden temple of dambulla and is one of the most heritage sites in Sri Lanka. It is divided in five different parts, each with its own beauty and adventure. This cave include several statues and painting which are based on Lord Buddha. There are around 173 statues of Lord Buddha in this cave.

7) Yapahuwa
yapahuwa3 300x191 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
sl 31 300x210 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

It was once the capital of Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by several huge rocks almost hundreds of meter above the land. This city has served a great history in Sri Lanka. It has several fortresses. The most attractive places in this area are the yapahuwa staircase. It is in the rock fortress complex of yapahuwa, the next is the yapawwa rajamaha temple, and the famous tooth relic temple.

8) Kandy
kandy 1 300x210 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
TheKandyPeraheraFestival 300x218 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

It is one of the most pronounced cities in Sri Lanka after Colombo. This city lies in the midst of the beautiful Kandy plates. Some places to visit here in Kandy are the royal botanical garden, the tooth temple, Lankatilka temple, this temple is considered as one of the most traditional built up. Next is the Gadaladeniya temple, it is built on rock. It is a perfect example of fine arched design. Several paintings of Lord Buddha are carved on the rocks. The royal palace in the island is also one of the attractive places here.

9) Nuwara ilaya
NuwaraEliya 300x201 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
water fall at nuwara eliya sri lanka 300x225 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

This city is called the city of the plain land. This city is famous for its tea production. The main attractions of this city are the Victoria Park. Victoria Park is an attractive place with lots of wildlife. It is mostly attracted by the bird species present here.
The next is the grave stone. One of the major reasons for tourism here is the golf, several golf tournaments are organised here. And the bird sanctuary named as Galway land.

10) Negombo
ischia negombo beach 300x225 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka
negombo beach1 300x275 Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

This is a major city of Sri lanka, located on the west coast. This city is famous for its fishing and fish market, and the sandy beaches. The Dutch fort created in 1672, this fort is one of the best places to visit. Several churches and ditches houses are here which can be visited. This place is ideal for modern lifestyle.

Sri Lanka is also famous for its traditional aurvedic hospitals and spas, several meditation centres are there in every part of the country including the yoga training. It is also famous for its sports and adventure like river rafting, rock climbing, surfing etc. Sri Lanka is named as the best valued destination for holidays. Several top class hotels, resorts and restaurants are made throughout the country for serving the people perfectly.

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