Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods

Mythological Objects embodies several weapons or various types of item likes clothing,armor etc that were used by Hindu God. So here is a list of top 10 mythological objects that Hindu God or Goddess used against their enemies:

10. Narayanastra:
narayanastra Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
Narayanastra was the deadliest and powerful weapon used by Lord Vishnu in his Narayan avatar. This weapon throws millions of missiles all together and the only way to save ourselves is just submit yourself before it hits. Aswathama used this weapon against the Pandavas in Mahabharata. Henceforth Krishna advised them to surrender to the power of weapon by dropping all their weapons and armors and lay down on the ground. It is a fact that this weapon can only be used by the user once in his war and if he tries to use this again it will destroy his own army only. Whenever this weapon is used other weapons like Gadha, Chakram, arrows simultaneously appear in the sky for the devastation of their enemy.
9. Kaumodaki:
Kaumodaki Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
Kaumodaki is the weapon which was held by Vishnu’s in his lower left hand. It is the source of Vishnu’s divine power, his physical strength, mental strength. This weapon represents Vishnu’s power to end all the ‘anarths inside a person’s mind and hinders them from reaching the God. He used this weapon to purify the spirits within us and uplift us from materialistic bonds. It is a mace which is omni-potent and heavy powerered weapon which is impossible to defeat.
8. Varunastra:
varunastra Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
Varunastra is the water weapon possessed by Lord Varuna. Lord Varuna is the master of the oceans and rivers. The most astounding fact of this weapon is that this weapon can be carved in any shape just like flowing water. Many great warriors have made use of this weapon against their enemies like Arjun, Dronacharya, Dhrishtadhuymna or Satyaki and many more. This weapon could be obtained by full mental concentration and meditation on Lord Varuna or Lord Shiva. this weapon must be used with great care and skills as one single mistake of the user or inexperienced warrior can prove to be fatal to himself.
7. Chakram:
chakra2 Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
The Chakram is the circular weapon of diameter about 4.7-12 inches and has sharp cuts at the outer edge. The enemy is attacked by throwing the weapon at him. It is also known as circles or chalikar. The Chakra has a very important position in mythology as it is upheld by Lord Krishna. Now  Sikhs are associated with this as they wear it on their arms, around necks and sometimes on their turbans too. It is made of steel, brass or gold. This weapon is used against the enemy by twirling it in the index finger and thrown out with spin to add more power and vigor. Lord Krishna used to hold this everytime in his index finger.
6. Shiv Dhanush:
dhanush Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
Shiv Dhanush was the divine bow which was 8.5 m in length upheld by Lord Shiva. It is also known as Pinaka which was gifted by Lord Shiva to Parshuram for following all his disciples and he in turn gifted it to King Janaka. King Janaka also used this as a backdrop in Sita’s Swayamvar. He announced whoever wanted to marry Sita had to lift this bow and string it. Parshuram challenged Rama during their return and confronted him to fight. Instead of holding Vishnu’s bow Rama defeated Parshuram and made him realize his superiority as Rama was Vishnu’s Incarnation. This weapon possessed mysterious energy and used against the enemy for its full devastation.
5. Brahmastra:
Brahmastraa Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
It is the death defying weapon created and held by Lord Brahma. It is said that when Lord Brahma is upset he used this Brahmaastra to destroy his enemy to maintain his Dharma and Satya. The weapon not only destroy the one for whom it was used but also annihilate the environment and the land where it was used became barren. Sometimes it also becomes the foremost reason for the cracks in the land. According to Sanskrit mythology it is believed that invocation to this Brahmaastra can be made through the key phrase and it can be used only once in a life time. It can be achieved through the eminent amount of concentration. It is used by Vishvamitra against Vasishth, Sri Ram against Ravana,Arjun against Ashwatthama etc.
4. Vajra:
vajra Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
Vajra is a metal weapon symbolizing spiritual power and strength. It was used by Indra for killing and destroying all sinners. It is generally considered as Diamond which can cut any substance but not itself and thunderbolt which has irresistible power and force. This weapon was made by divine instrument maker Tvastra for Indra. He used this against Vritra to kill him as he took the form of a serpent. Vritra was so powerful that no weapon till that date could destroy him so he Indra went to Vishnu for seeking help to recover his kingdom. Vishnu revealed him that this Asura would be killed only with the weapon made of bones of sage. And so after obtaining this weapon Vishnu successfully recovered his kingdom.
3. The Gada:
gada Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
The mace, popularly known as the Gada, is a weapon from the weapon time and holds an important position in the history of Hindu religion. It was carried by Lord Hanuman, Bhim, and others who were symbols of power and strength. The mace is said to be representing the concentrated Prana. As the Earth revolves round the sun and derives life force from it and then stores it, similarly, the Gada also moves around the user’s body to gather life force. It is the shape of a ball which symbolizes the earth rotating on its axis, the handle. It is a symbol of great power, valor, bravery and strength.
2.       Sudarshana Chakra:
sudarshan chakra Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
Sudarshana Chakra is a circular disk like weapon which has 108 serrated edges.  It is also well known as Chakrrath Azhwar. Lord Vishnu used to hold this Sudarshan Chakra in one of his four hands with Shankh, Gada and Padma in the remaining three hands. Chakra also symbolizes that Lord Vishnu also used to own celestial bodies and the heavens. It is used for the ultimate devastation of enemy of law and order. Sudarshana is composed of two words Su which means divine and Darshana which means vision and Chakra alone signifies mobility. It is the mobile weapon used to shield the negative powers and devils from our body. Vishnu used to hold it in his index finger of the rear right hand and continue using to revolve around this finger.
1.       Trishula:
trishula Top 10 Amazing Modern Weapons used by Hindu Gods
Trishula symbolizes the ‘rich’ and ‘polyvalent’. It is the weapon of Hindu god Mahadeva and is said to have been used to sever the original head of Lord Ganesha. Many other gods and goddesses also hold trishula as their weapon, including Goddess Durga. The three points of the trishula symbolize various meanings in various regard, commonly the trinities-creation, maintenance and destruction; the three gunas; the past, present and future. In the human body, it represents the common center of the three nadis, the energy channels, i.e. Ida, pingala and shushmana. Shiva’s trishul is said to have devastated the three worlds: the physical world, the forefather’s world and the world of mind. Trishula also symbolizes the triratna of Buddha’s.

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