Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World

Sufi songs have got their origin from the legendary Sufi singers like Bulle Shah, Mirza Ghalib, Rumi,  Kabir and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. There are many popular and legendary Indian and pakistani Sufi albums  that has given a new direction to the Sufi music. Pakistani Sufi band junoon has given new legendary Sufi songs and Sufi-style poetry to the world. The Sufi music has also given birth to new sufi singers and has gained popularity in a short duration. Sufi music is mostly famous in India and Pakistan. But the latest bands like junoon and strings has also gained popularity in many other parts of the World. The soft and high pitched notes by the famous sufi singers are enjoyed by everyone. The timeless and memorable sufi poerty is loved by all people all over the world.

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Here is the list of top 10 best Sufi singers in the World :
10. Ghulam Ali
ghulamali image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Ustad Ghulam Ali was born in 1940 in Patiala. He was a disciple of the Bade Ghulam Ali khan. The singing style and the different variations of the pitch while singing are noted as unique and make him as the Lengandary sufi singer in the Hindustani Classical Music. He is also very popular in Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, UK and many middle east countries. The Sufi singers and Sufi poerty share very abut relationship. His famous work are Apne Dhoom mein, Kiya hae payar jise, kal Chaudvi ka chaand, Chupke Chupke raat Din. He started his career by singing in Radio Show in 1960.
9. Harshdeep Kaur
harsh image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Harshdeep Kaur is the most popluar Indian Playback Sufi Singer. She was born on 16 December 1868 in Delhi. she has inherited the music style from his father who owned a store of musical instruments. She has won the title of Sufi k Sultan from a TV relaity show on NDTV Junoon-Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka in September 2008. She has also won the MTV Video Gaga Contest in 2001. Her most prominent work in Bollywood are Jugni in Cocktail(2012), Kaity Karoon in Rockstar(2011).
 8. Kavita Seth
kavita image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Kavita Seth is an Indian sufi singer and a playback singer. She has also conducted many live performaces in Sufi songs and gazals. She was born in 1970 in Bareily, Uttar Pradesh. She has won best playback singer in Filmfare for her song ‘Gunja Sa Ik Tara’ in movie ‘ wake Up Sid’ in 2009 and Star Screen Award for best Female Playback. She has also form a band of sufi singers known as Karwaan Group which has gained popularity in a very short time. She was a disciple of Ustad Ahmed Ali Khan. She started her career by performing on All India Radio and Doordarshan.
7. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
nusrat image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a legendary and best Sufi singer of Pakistan. He was born on October 13, 1948. He is considered as the best singer ever recorded for his Qawwali and Sufi songs. He had a very wide vocal range voice and can perform at high level intensity for many hours. he was known as ‘The King of Kings of Qawwali’.He had made his Qawwali famous all over the world and has released his alums in Europe, Japan, U.S and India. He is also known as World music artist. He had performed in 40 countries.
 6. Rabbi Shergill
rabbi image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Rabbi Shergill is a great Indian Musician and a Sufi singer. He was born in 1973 in Delhi. His song ‘ Bhulla Ki Janna’ was on the chart-buster list in 2009. his music has a bani, Punjabi and rock style. He is also known as Punjabi’s music true urban balladeer. He has also worked with Yash Raj Music, Phat Prish Records and his Sufi songs has snatched hearts of many people. His Sufi songs has always been on the listener list which made him renowned after struggling for a couple of years. He started his career by working in Times FM.
5. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali khan
rahat image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a Pakistani Qawwali and sufi singer and is the nephew of Nusrat Fateh Ali khan. He is also a Bollywood playback singer and also sing gazal and other kind of music. He was born in 1974 in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He was won many awards for the best playback singer in Film-fare awards and Star Screen awards. His sufi music has also drifted hearts of many international people which bagged him the award of ‘Best International Act’ in 2010 in UK Asian Music Awards.
4. Wadali Brothers
wadali image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Puranchand Wadali & Pyarelal Wadali are the two Wadali singers from Punjab. These Sufi singers started their career from a small district of Punjab, Amritsar. Their Sufi poetry and music style has snatched the hearts of people from all over the world. They started their career by recording their song in Jalander FM and has won many awards like Tulsi Award in 1998, Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2003. The elder brother Puranchand Waladi has also won the Padma shri award by the goverment of India in 2005.
3. Master Saleem
saleem image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Master Saleem also sometime known as Saleem Shahzada . He was born in July 13, 1980 in Punjab. His sufi music has made him famous all over the world. He has also launched his private albums on devotional music, Sufi music and Punjabi songs that had fetched him a great success. He has also done many Hindi films like Bnad baaja Barart, Thank You, Yamla pagal Dewaana, Paitala House and many more. He started  his career at the age of 10 by singing Sufi songs for the FM.
2. Pathanay Khan
pathanay image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Pathanay Khan was a Sufi and folk singer from Pakistan. His worked in Sufi music and his  legendary work that has inspired many people. He has received Pride of Performance award in 1979 for his best sufi collection. He died on March 9, 2000.
1. Abida Parveen
abida image Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in The World
Abida parveen is a Pakistani Sufi singer. She is considered as the legendary singer in the history of Sufi songs. The work of Nusrat fateh Ali khan and Abida Praveen is considered as the finest sufi collection. She was born in 1954 in Larkana. She mainly sings kafis, Gazals and Urdu love songs.

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