Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time

Sufism was adapted to world literature from the ancient period. They explain the depth of god and the love for god from their poetry. There have been many poets in the world’s literature that have marked a significant impact on the world literature. They wrote about god, man and nature are bound together in a single unity. Their poems also depicts the changing behavior and attitude of the human being and said that we are not free unless our minds are liberated from dead forms and crippling social habits. They also depicts the condemned the corruption of many of our social practices and the essence of life was perpetual renewal and rededication to self behavior.

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Here is the list of top 10 famous sufi poets of all time
10. Rabi’a
rabia image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Rabi’ ah al-barsi was a famous Sufi poet and a Muslim saint. She was born between 95 and 99 in Basra in Iraq. She was born in a very poor family and they don’t have even oil to light the lamp and clothes to cover them. She was came in to existence by Attar who recognized her Work. She is considered as one of the first and leading Sufi poets. She was the first who set the Doctrine of divine lapse. She covers many areas in her poetry like art, history, music, poetry, shrines, texts, shariah, tawhid, haqiqah and devotion to love. She is considered as the long line in the history of Sufi poets.
9.  Ahmet Yesevi
ahmet image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Hoca Ahmet Yesevi was a popular Persian Sufi poet whose work is known till date. He came into existence in early medieval period and his works are translated into many languages by poets.
8. Shabistari
shabistari image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Mahmud Shabistari was a persian poet who lived in Iraq during the mongol invasion of region. It was considered as the golden age of the persian Sufism. He wrote many poems like the Gulistan-i Raz which is the greatest work in the Persian history and is converted into The rose garden of mystery. other works of him include One Light, A Drop of seawater, Reason, sun Reflections, The effect of the Draft, The Mirror, The Marriage of the soul, The Beloved Guest and many more. The rose garden explains the view points of shabistari and his realization to the life. It is the most central work in the Sufi poets history.
7. Yunus Emre
yunus image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Yunus Emre was a Sufi poet and Turkish poet. He is considered as the one of the legendary poet in the history of Turkish. He was a great promoter of Turkish rather than Arabic or Persian which has now become a language of folk-songs, proverbs, fairy tales, folk-poets and become one of the most distinguish poets. He was a public figure in many parts of the world from Azerbaijan to the Balkans. His poems mainly describe the true love and human destiny. Status of his tombs are made in many countries and is remember till now by the people for his talent.
6. Sanai
Sanai was a famous Persian Sufi poet who lived in Afghanistan between the 11th century and the 12th century. He died around 1131. His magical were The Walled Garden of Truth or The Hadiqat al Haqiqa and was also the first poet to make  mystical epic of Sufism. His works were based on the ideas that described the belief on god, philosophy and love. The walled garden of Truth is considered as the classic and best work of the Sufism.
5. Saadi
saadi image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Saadi Shirazi was a Persian poet of the medieval period. He is not only famous in Persia but also in western countries. He is best known for his woks that describe the moral and social thoughts. His best work was Bostan (1257) and gulistan (1258) that explains the stories of the standard virtues dobe by muslims and the result of the different social virtues and customs done in the society. Gulistan contains the stories about his persoanl life that is described by the short poems, advice, humorous reflections and awareness.  He is also known as a lyricist and panegyrist. His work is translated in English and other languages by many poets and is remember till date.
4. Rumi
rumi image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi born on 30 September 1207 was the 13 century most popular Persian poet. He was also a muslim sufi poet, sufi mystic, theologian and jurist. In 2007 he was titled as the most popular poet in America. His most popular works was Maṭnawīye Ma’nawī, which is six volume poems and is considered as the Persian Quran by some Sufi poets. It consists of  27000 lines of Persian poetry. His other most popular work was  Dīwān-e Kabīr which consists of 2000 Persian quatrains and 35000 Persian couplets and contains 19 quatrains in Quatrains and 90  Ghazals. He has also given many guest lectures to his disciples like Fihi ma Fihi which contains seventy-one talks and lectures. Majāles-e Sab’a contains seven lectures in Persian and Makatib that contains the Rumi letters to his disciples, family, men in state in Persian.
3. Jami
jami image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Jami born on auguest 18, 1414 wa a famous sufi poet, author, writer,scholar and composer of various various lyrics, greatest Persian and Sufi poem of the 15th century. His main work include Jame -esokanan-e Kaja Parsa, Resala-ye musiqi, Resala-ye sarayet-e dekr, Fawa ed Ziya’iya fi sah al’Kafiya, Sara-e hadit-e Abi Zarrin al-Aqili, Tajnīs ‘al-luġāt, Tuhfat al-ahrar and Diwanha-ye Sehganeh. His poetry reflected the Persian culture, Iraq, Indian subcontinent and Asia.
2. Hafiz
hafiz image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Khāja Shamsu Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Shīrāzī also known as Hafiz was a very famous Persian poet. He used to learn poems by heart and use them as proverbs. His greatest works was Thoreau, Goethe, and divination. His work was not only appreciated in Iran but also in others countries. His work was converted in English by william Jones in 1771 and October 12 is celebrated as the Hafiz day in Iran.
1. Attar
attar image Top 10 Most Famous Sufi Poets of all time
Attar of Nishapur was the greatest persian poet in the history of world literature. His most popular works were Elāhī-Nāma, Jawāher-Nāma, Dīvān,Asrār-Nāma,  Maqāmāt-e Toyūr and Šarḥ al-Qalb. His writing in pen are preserved till date and is the most popular Sufi singer not only in Iran but also all over the world.

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