Top 10 Most Gay Friendly Countries in the World

Today with the progress many reforms are there in many of the countries of world because of modernization’s  One such thing is same sex marriages. And there are some countries with liberal rules for such couples but on the other hand it is not universal although the number of countries granting such rights is increased. Here by is a list of some of such gay friendly countries

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10. Denmark

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This country allows registered partnerships among same sex couples. And such couples are provided all the rights as any other citizen of the country. All gays and lesbians are given the right of marriage. These couples are allowed to live freely and enjoy the life as they wish. Even these couples are not denied of adoption rights in other words they are allowed to adopt children following legal issues as followed by heterosexual couples and no discrimination is done against homo couples couples.

9. Argentina

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With gaining popularity of Gay marriages finally in year 2010 Argentina legalized same sex marriage because of great support by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and became the first country to permit such marriages in Latin America. These marriages provide equal rights and performed here as a civil ceremony. Under this right gay couples were provided all the human rights including exchanging rings, work in military and adoption of children openly. And not only is this but the country itself now encouraging transgender population and with introduction of such law many such marriages were soon performed even in Churches.

8. Portugal

same sex marriage Top 10 Most Gay Friendly Countries in the World
After a long struggle against the opponents (those who were not in favor of same sex marriages) finally two lesbians manage to get the marriage license in Portugal in year 2010.Hence became eighth country to legalize same sex marriages. This Roman Catholic Portugal hardly visible as social progressive country then joined the group of 10 such countries performing such marriages and came forward towards such a modernizing concept leaving behind many other wealthier and popular countries of Europe. So this country provides even gesture to such frustrating gay couples to survive with equal rights of marriage and co-parenthood. It also states that foreigners can even perform marriage between same sexes even if such marriages are not legal in their country and adoptions performed by homosexual couples outside the country territory are not valid in Portugal.

7. Sweden

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The seventh country to permit a relationship between homosexual humans was Sweden in year 2009.  It provided such civil unions, human and adoption rights to gay and lesbian couples without any discrimination between them and other heterosexual couples. Even the churches allowed such union marriages and bless such same sex couples. Even procedures of break up are available for such couples. Also non-Swedes but legally resident of Sweden are permitted to have a civil union here since 2000. But  initially it has to suffer a lot of problem for such legalization because some people thought same sex couples as outsiders to the community and consider them as distinguish people hence they did not had same rules and regulation to abide by then the heterosexual couples.

6. Norway

gays in norway Top 10 Most Gay Friendly Countries in the World
Norway like other countries had system of registered partnerships for homosexual couples but after January, 2009 gender neutral marriages were legalized. And it became first Scandinavian country to permit such marriages. According to such rights all the registered pair can upgrade their partnership to marriage without re-registration. After 2009 country law provided common marriage laws for all types of couples whether it is homosexual or heterosexual. This includes church wedding, adoption of children and breakdown of relation by approval of both people. Even it provide law regarding parenthood which states that a woman married to another woman accepts a baby (by artificial means)  then the partner will have the rights regarding parenthood.

5.  South Africa

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Gay marriages become a legal federal policy in South Africa since November 30th, 2006 making it first country in Africa allowing gays and lesbians. It was a result of historic voting system in parliament and finally the gay and lesbian marriages were recognized legal. But initially it denied equality as granted to heterosexual couples. And later with amendments in laws such sort of discrimination s were prohibited. It also states that same sex couples can make decisions for each other also can inherit property of other if one dies. South Africa has one of the most interesting constitutions in the world which states that such civil unions or marriages should be solemnized by a special marriage officer.

4. Canada

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In 2005, the house of parliament passed the law extending the marriage rights among the same sex couples and became the fourth country in providing such liberal rules for gays and lesbians. In Canada the constitution is entirely responsible for same sex marriages even the re same sex marriage procedures are led down in Canadian constitution. But this was not easy to formulate such law as Canada is a state with mixture of people from three different religions and some of these were not in favour of such act but at last they had to follow the law made by the constitution.

3. Spain

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The newly appointed democratic government led the initiative to legalize such homosexual couples marriages which were supported by the president and a campaign started for legalization of gay couple marriages and adoption by same sex people. After huge discussion finally the law came into existence allowing such marriages. As soon as this law was passed in July 2005, around 4,500 people got married within a time span of a year. Later a question aroused regarding the legal gay marriages among the non Spaniards so the law was amended and according to new manipulated law granted permission to people of Spain to marry same sex foreigners.

2. Belgium

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It was the second country to legalize gay couple marriages that is such marriages are legal here since 2003 but with some limitations. It permits homosexual couples marriages of foreigners of only if their native country allow such marriages. Even its legislative history says that it deny the laws regarding adopting  a child however this is not the case now as this law was extended  which included adoption and co-parenting  issues.

1.  Netherlands

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The first country in the world to provide legal same sex marriages in the year 2001 is Netherlands. It was in mid eighties some of the activist raised issue of gay couple marriages and so parliament created a commission for its possibilities and after their researched they concluded about granting rights to such marriages. But it also had some requirements like either of the couple should be of Dutch nationality or a resident of Netherlands and it has some strict rules then other countries for adoption of child as the parentage is not natural between couple of same sex.

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