Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have

Teacher is a one who is respected by each and every student. Teaching is kind of very challenging profession. Students don’t like harsh and rude teacher. If people start liking you and loving you than you are close in to your mission of becoming good teacher. Ideal teacher is a one who is successful in encouraging a kid to show his/her talent and creativity. Ideal teacher always there for students.  ”A teacher is like a light-house which shows the right path to people in darkness” future of student is purely depend upon the teacher’s knowledge, way of teaching and dedication.

10. Teacher should be understanding:
teacher should be understanding Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have

Teacher can be student’s best friend if he/she understand his/her student well. Sometime students hesitate to say openly in front of class until or unless teacher is very much understanding. Students want their teacher who is very understanding so that they can put their questions to them. Teachers motive is to make their child too strong so that he will compete in his future easily. Teacher is the one who teaches you to follow right path. Understanding teacher can give right path to students dream by guiding him/her correctly. Understanding teacher is the one who can adjust him/ her with the flow of water. Teacher should make them available for assisting students as much as they can. If you mold yourself with students thinking then you will be perfect teacher for them.
9. Good communicator:
good communicator Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
Teachers are the one who idol model of students. So, teacher should know good communication skills. Teacher should how to communicate and handle students as well as their parents. Because generally parent’s comments are based on teacher’s communication, this is only thing that leaves impact on parents. Teacher should call or meet the parents of children so that they will able to know them well. Communication skills impacts a lot on others. Try to always meet others in a cheerful manner so that your first impact is good on others. If you are not a good communicator then no one will understand you and your feelings because you are unable to express them. Teacher should communicate with student regularly to maintain good friendly relations.
8. Patience:
patience2 Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
The Patience is most important thing specially in case of small kid’s class. Because children will never stop talking and to do stupid things. If you are unable to control yourself than you can never be a good teacher. Students need you, So Always try to maintain patience level. Sometime students are unable to understand the particular thing and than they asked it again and again until they clear that concept, that moment is for testing the teacher’s patience whether she/ he try her/his best to explain it or scream on students for disturbing her/his lecture. Teacher should fill himself/herself with patience so that there should be no any sort of problem in handling students.
7. Creative:
creativity Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
Students will feel bored with too long lectures and all.So,there should be something which will entertaining for them as well as clear there concepts too. Teachers should have that creative thing in them so that students can understand their studies in creative methods. Teacher should use animated videos and presentations so that students can understand it well. This is up to teacher what will she/he do to teach their students well. Practical example will be more effective than that of bookish content. Teacher should organize educational trips so that students can learn well in them.
6. Helping:
helping Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
Teachers should be helping so that he/ she can help his/her student at any time. Some teacher get irritate easily if someone ask in free time or after lecture. Teachers should guide their students and help them to choose right and appropriate path. Teacher should mix them with students. Teachers should help students to find perfect books and updates so that they can score good marks in examination. A good teacher always compel students to think by your own and come with some original idea. Students who want to achieve something in his/her life, a good teacher always help him/her with open heart.
5. Positive attitude:
Positive Thinking1 1024x768 Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
Teacher should enter in his/her profession with positive attitude otherwise you will never ever succeed to be a good teacher. As teaching line is based upon positive nature. Student’s life is in teachers hand  if they come up with negative attitude same will effect on students. Sometime student’s IQ level is not too much strong so teacher should encourage him/her rather than to discourage him/her by negative thoughts. Positive attitude help to tackle many problems of life so,teachers should have positive attitude in them.
4. Discipline:
discipline Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
The main thing that should be in teacher is discipline. Discipline is something which taught too many things to a person. Discipline is asked in each and every field. Our universe is also in discipline manner. Each and everything in nature like sun, moon ,planets all are in discipline. Disciplined teacher teaches their student a proper way to live life with rules and regulation. No doubt too much strictness is not good but there should be heart to heart relation within students and teacher that will help students to know their responsibilities. As discipline is something which will teaches a student about his/her responsibilities for society, parents, life etc.
3. Knowledge:
knowledge Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
Teachers level of knowledge should be up to the mark. It is said that a teacher is only as good as his knowledge is” Teacher should know each and everything about the lecture which he is going to deliver in class. If teacher is lacking with knowledge then he/she will never become a perfect teacher because teacher’s main motive is to spread the knowledge and to clear the concepts properly. So, don’t try to teach the subjects in which you are not perfect, always handle the subject in which you are expert.
2. Teacher should be good listener:
goodlistner Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
It is said that “If speaking is silver; then listening is gold”Teacher should be a good speaker but he/she should be good listener too. Good listener can attracts many heart within short span of time. Everyone will feel good to share their feeling with the who is good listener. Teacher should have this quality so that he/she can understand students point of view. People want to express their views so that teacher can work over them but a teacher is not a good listener than students fail to express himself/herself.
personality Top 10 Qualities that every Teacher should have
Teacher should have good personality so that students can follow them and generally it is seen that students are attracted by this teacher who have good personality. Personality involves many things the way of speaking, walking, teaching everything. If a teacher is blessed with good personality than we can say that he/she is come with full package. What makes a one with personality? Good dressing sense, smell good, cheerful, speak well, polite, clam !!!that’s all.

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