Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail

Strain, tension, distress and sadness are all related to failure in the relationship. It causes a great deal of suffering to the lovers engaged. To maintain a healthy relationship requires proficiency and skills. It’s a hardcore job to do. You are really fortunate if your relationship last forever.  Every relation goes through hard times but some problems are so serious that they result in the failure of the relationship and cause an immense damage. Relationships let down on many grounds. Lovers go through many hurdles and difficulty to maintain a strong and vigorous relationship. Some of the reasons partners put an end to their relationship, why relationships fail is listed below.

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10) Go Green with Envy:
go green with envy1 Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
Trust between two people is very important as it forms the support for a relationship. If at any point of time trust ends, relationshipends.  Whenever there is an impression of any struggle or competition in relationship it gives rise to covetousness. But a true partner is the one who happily accepts the success of his or her mate. Some also behave in very odd manner, they always keep an eye on their partner, not give them any sort of space out of their possessiveness and this show the way to breakdown of relationship.
9) Disloyal partner:
disloyal partner Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
Every relationship requires a great deal of sincerity and honesty. In a relationship if any of the two people becomes disloyal then it takes no time for them to get split up. No one can tolerate such kind of deception.  It’s very much painful to learn about the fact that you are being cheated by your partner. Such fraud can mess up the whole relationship. So if someone gets into a relationship they should be truthful, trustworthy and they should be totally dedicated and devoted towards their partner. Only then you can expect for a long lasting relationship.
8) Transforming your mate:
Transforming your mate Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
Every person comes up with certain good and bad features both. And when you love a person and step forward for a relationship you should always accept them as what they are. As soon as you get into any association you expect them to change according to your will, but that’s very pathetic. No one is faultless and perfect, so one should acknowledge them instead of changing them. As only the small things can be manipulated but not the whole person. And everyone should cherish them as they actually are.
7) No right to rule other’s life:
No right to rule other’s life Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
Each and every person insists for liberty and freedom in their life. A relationship turns awful when problems and troubles occur as a consequence of domination.  Everyone should have the liberty to maintain their own social life. Every individual needs privacy and their own private space. Because of expectations partner tend to dominate the other one. The outcome can always be brutal. No person has authority to control other’s lives, so they should not so it. There should be little desires and a great understanding among the two for a deep rooted relationship.
6) Too much high expectations:
Too much high expectations Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
Having lots of expectations from your partner is another terrible reason for the let down of a relation. Expectation is an anticipation of a happening. Whenever a person look ahead to many things from his or her partner, but if all their expectation goes in vain it causes a great deal of dissatisfaction and regret among them. To stay joyful and happy it’s very necessary to keep the level of your hope and desires quite low. By doing this a pair can continue their relationship with more pleasure and can live as one happily thereafter.
5) Stop pointing finger at your lover:
Stop pointing finger at your lover Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
When two people are in a relationship it demands a lot patience and open-mindedness from both the side. If any side gets weaker, both the person involved has to face the outcomes and the relationship soon fails down. Every individual should be grown up and mature enough to understand the importance of having their partner in their life. If we always carry on pointing out other’s mistake then it can cause an issue. If any couple goes through any problem it’s better to sit together and discuss rather than just blaming and holding other one responsible for it. Apart from observing the flaws in your partner one must always notice how good they are.
4) Monotonous relationship:
Monotonous relationship Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
Dullness is another major cause for the breakdown. Lovers may get tired of each other; they may be not any more interested in each other. In the beginning there is a glow and spark in relation but it gradually gets faded up with time. The relationship begins to get dull, boring and tedious. It becomes as monotonous as after a while when you indulge with someone; individuals become lethargic and don’t try any creative thing to impress their lover any more. They start neglecting each other and take their relationship for granted.  If you are getting fed up try to remember old times when you had such a beautiful time with your partner.
3) Dissimilarity in temperament:
Dissimilarity in temperament Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
To stay together with problems is great deal to do. Compatibility signifies the presence of serenity and peace in a relationship. A couple is said to be incompatible if they fight over pity issues, and if they don’t possess identical temperament. It highlights stability among the lovers. So, one should not rush into the relationship immediately. Everyone should give time in examining the other person to make sure that the two people engaged are compatible. There are very much dissimilarity but yet they are totally compatible. The relationships will surely going to be unsuccessful if two people connected are not well-matched.
2) Age difference between lovers:
Age difference between lovers Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
Age gap can be sensational in many relationships but there are instance where it don’t  happen as expected. Many relationships come to an end due to big age difference between both the lovers. The dilemma with this factor is incompatible happenings and experiences of life. It takes account of wedding, job, children and many more. For an instance in a relationship the girl wish for getting wedded but he is not ready yet, his priority is to earn livelihood. It brings disparity in opinions and thoughts.  So it is one of the reasons for a relationship to finish off.
1) No Interaction:
Short of interaction Top 10 Reasons why Relationships Fail
The base of any relationship is sincere communication and faith among two people. One of the strongest reasons for the relationship to stop working is the need of communication. When a person is in association with another one, it’s very important to have complete belief and at the same time should be very honest and open to them. They should converse about everything related to them. Another aspect is that one should be good listener too. In case of any argument they should be capable enough to handle it quietly. Even the partners with an intense relationship are drifted apart as a result of deficiency of faith and communication.

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