Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous

Nervousness is a natural phenomenon which is due to burden or too much stress. So you are going to your date ??? or interview?? or for job???  feeling nervous and thinking to avoid nervousness ??? than this is all for you just follow these things . But little bit nervousness is also good for us and i am damn sure nervousness will flew away.

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10. Prepare yourself well:
prepare yourself well Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
This something which is very important. It obvious that when you are going for any interview or going to deliver your first presentation first thing to overcome your nervousness is be prepared. If you are going to your first date than prepare yourself with some interesting topics. Because “First impression is your last impression” so if you are successful to make your partner comfortable on your first date than that is a thing of victory for you. If you are going to job interview than figure out some good question and try to gather knowledge about what they can ask from you. If you are going to deliver any presentation than make sure that you have knowledge about each and everything related to it because everyone is going to watch and evaluate you there.
9. Positive thoughts:
Positive Thinking 1024x768 Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
If you continuously thinking about bad and negative than the level of nervousness will increase. So. try to think positive so that you can concentrate on your work. Believe yourself and your abilities.  Positive thinking will open many doors for you and even reopen the doors which are closed. Always think that you can do it. The positiveness will lead you with success. Never under estimate yourself. God is blessed you with lots of talent try to show it. If you believe yourself and if you think positive than nervousness will automatically go far away from you.
8. Practice:
 Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
Practicing before taking action is somewhere gonna help you to complete your task with ease and properly. Your very close member can help you in it by acting like audience. You should practice in front of them and ask the result. They can analyse you well.If you want to analyse yourself by your own than mirror is for you. Practice yourself in front of mirror will help to increase your skills and various silly mistakes. If you are going to deliver any lecture or speech on stage than practicing in front of mirror will help you a lot , by this you will know how to maintain your body language.It is seen that some people unable to speak some words,or they get confuse in words which are alike.  This will help you to kill nervousness and will make you more comfortable. Practicing will help you to speak properly without problem and hesitation.
7. Relax:
relax Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
To kill the nervousness one must relax him/her so that there will be no obstacle in your path. Relaxation will help you mentally and physically. Through relaxation your mind will feel fresh and no any sort of burden will be there. Don’t kill yourself under the heavy word called TENSION. Don’t be tensed just think that no will gonna harm you and you will be winner. Before going to bed just think good thoughts.  If you are going to perform on stage or somewhere than try to relax yourself otherwise you will loose your competition.  Relaxed and tension free body can perform task hundred time better. Before going to enter the examination hall just clear up your head by making yourself busy in talking or chatting with someone else. This will refresh your mind and than make yourself ready to for test.
6. Meditation:
meditation Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
If you are feeling too much nervous and not feeling well than just go for meditation. It is very good for health. Meditation will filter your soul. There are lots of meditation techniques and if you want to try it in your daily life too than bring a meditation disc from market, it will teaches you step by step. Meditation is a way which will help you to reduce stress and strain of life. It will help you to overcome from stress and nervousness. Some people used to do mindfulness meditation which is for focusing our mind on whatever thoughts pass through without judgment so it will help to avoid nervousness.
5. Sleep well:
sleep well Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
Proper sleep at night is very important. If you sleep well than you will never feel sleepy or lazy in next day. Sometime person feel sleepy and unable to perform well. You will think that what is relation of nervousness with sleep? well!! nervousness will distract you from your mission the same thing is done by laziness .If you are feeling sleepy than there you can’t concentrate on your work and will never overcome from your nervousness. To avoid nervousness make sure that you get plenty of sleep. After long rest your body will feel good and relaxed. Than you will be fully prepared for task.
4. Be confident:
be confidence Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
Confidence is something which will leave deep impact on interviewer or observer. If someone is going for interview and he/she is not pretty much confident than there are less chances that he will be signed by company. Because now days companies want smart,intelligent as well as confident persons not a dumb one. Society always welcomed confident people so, try to be confident. Always give your best and prepare yourself for worst. Sometime company sign those persons who have less score with high confidence level and reject those who have high scores but dumb here you can see that confidence works major role. Confidence have power which will kill the nervousness of a person.So, always try to be confident whether you are right or wrong.
3. Always Smile:
smile2 Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous

Smile will always work in each and everything. Try to think that observers are in underwear only HAHAHAHA ! this will automatically make you happy and cheerful. If someone is nervous than smile will work as blanket. Because it will hide your nervousness in such a manner that no one recognize that you have some kind of fear. Smile will add 5 stars in your performs. Smile will impress others and also help to increase your friend circle by attracting more and more persons toward you. Nervousness can never even touch you if you are happy.
2. Eat healthy breakfast:
breakfast Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
If you are with empty stomach than  you will just focused about how hungry you are or may get sick, than you will lack behind in giving performance. So, before performance you should eat well which will provide you energy for whole day. Rich and perfect breakfast is good for health and give you energy to concentrate on work without nervousness.
1. Prepare yourself for the worst also:
prepare for the worst Top 10 Things to avoid Getting Nervous
If you prepare yourself for worst than no one can beat you. Automatically success touches your feet. Everyone did there best and prepare for best. Nervousness will not be  nearby you. Persons who deserve success will always get it. Nervousness is natural thing but always think no one cant beat you and you can do it with ease.

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