Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in

A man faces different states of affairs in his or her life.  Various situations make us happy and contented but some situations are too awful and excruciating to face.  They are very tough and difficult to handle.  Every creature has different level of coping up with such challenging situations. Certain people feel vulnerable and helpless to such circumstances. But whatever the situation may be everyone has to manage the courage to deal with it. Below is the list of some terrible and horrifying situations a person can come across.

10) Miserable life after marriage:
Miserable life after marriage  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Long lasting, unbearable and miserable, poor and unpleasant married life has unpleasant effects on the lives of the people engaged. People who are occupied in unfavourable marital life are more prone to possess low amount of self-worth, contentment, and overallfulfilment of life. They deal with mental, emotional suffering and pain. Unhappily wedded people have terrible results on their body. Many people occupied in discontented wedded life suffer a lot of misery and sadness and may also goes into depression.
9) Idleness:
Idleness  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Being jobless adversely affects the lives of many human beings. Financial and monetary emergency and crisis influences the corporeal, emotional and mental well being of the person. It causes extreme anxiety and fear to the jobless people. It is the reason for several people to depart from their home that provided them their shelter. Discouraging and miserable indications are seen on the people affected. Confidence of the family facing unwaged conditions is also evacuated. They feel weak and feeble to such situations. This situation totally changes the lifestyle of the family associated with it. The unpleasant effect of being jobless remains even after getting a job.
8) On the streets:
On the streets  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Homelessness is the state of people that are deprived of proper accommodation, not able to acquire shelter as they don’t have enough money or they are not capable to uphold a safe and healthy housing for them. Seeking suitable shelter is the fundamental need of any human being, but it has been found out that a lot of people survive in harmful and detrimental circumstances. Homeless folks don’t have standard of livelihood comprising of foodstuff, health care etc. They also lack proper safety. Several aspects lead to such terrible condition. They are unemployment, person being disable, family fighting, houses are not reasonably priced and many more. Many people have initiated to reduce homelessness.
7) Cruel infancy:
Cruel infancy  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Mistreatment of a person during his babyhood is able to affect the brain of the person. It may perform wrongly. It can affect the person’s mental fitness. It may have adverse effect on the growth of social and emotional behaviour. Abuse of the person in his infancy also intensify the danger of many persistent diseases such as cancer, heart sickness, fatness, cholesterol level may increase. Kid who has gone through such brutality in his infancy can use violence to meet with their desires. People who all dealt with the childhood violence are prior to lose sensitivity when they grow up.
6) Rape:
rape  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Rape is very offensive thing to do. It is defined as assaulting the person sexually. It can turn out to man and woman both. It is forcefully done on the other person and is unwelcomedAttacker applies cruelty, brutality, power on the victim. It’s not all about sex it’s about power too. Some attackers take the help of pills to control the victim to battle back against the rapist. Rape is simply terrifying and scary. People who have gone through such fearsome incident need concern, care and consolation. They require a mode to cure and mend from such horrifying happening.
5) Cancer:
cancer1  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Cancer can be a persistent illness. Sometimes it can be carefully observed and healed but sometimes it certainly not walks out completely.  An individual with the cancer has to go through a lot of hurdles in his life. He is not capable of getting pleasure from normal every day jobs. Ache is one the most upsetting sign of cancer. Generally the survivors of cancer explain their fright when taking the treatment during starting months. They can face the threat of going into despair, nervousness and PTSD that is post traumatic stress disorder. These people require emotional hold up to get succeeded.
4) Abusing an infant:
abusing an infant  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Exploitation of the child or misusing his or her innocence can be termed as child molestation.  They are physically or sexually abused by a grown up and matured person. Child is compelled to indulge in any sort of such activity. Consequences of it can be very critical and serious. It can lead to sadness, depression, nervousness, shame, remorse, rage and many more. Child who has faced it can have personality chaos and they are more often sensitively unstable. Those people generally possess depressing thinking. Collectively we all can alter such horrible conditions. We should totally prevent this from happening.
3) On flames:
on flames  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Being put on flames is the unbearable and awful thing a human being can experience. Several instances it leads to demise and loss of life and many instances it do not come easily and as a result add to the sufferings of the victim. Person may be entrapped in the structure that is on fire and is not able run away. Burned person goes through a lot of extreme pain and suffering. Burnt people also have to face the embarrassment and humiliation from other people. To fix the scars is a crucial thing to do; even when there are remedial techniques are accessible. But the blemishes and burnt marks can surely lower down to the least. But the victims need to be brave and daring in accepting the reality.
2) Victim of terminal illness:
victim of terminal disease  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Terminal sickness is a kind of ailment which is completely mortal, critical and lethal. The patient is said to fatal disease if the patient is expected to die in spite of detecting and providing cure and healing. Such sickness can be very shocking and upsetting for the sufferer and also for the ones related to the patient such as her or his relatives and folks. Sometimes when the person is sensed with such infection or illness medical help and healing methods are removed as sometimes curing process is more harmful and painful.
1) Facing Hurricane/Natural Calamity:
facing hurricane  Top 10 Worst Situations you can be in
Hurricane is a vast cyclone. It can persist for possibly seven days. It has many horrendous consequences on the lives of the people. They go through a lot. It is tied in with providing destruction to housing, road and rail networks, and buildings. They are very devastating and damaging danger. It leads to high death toll. They can also cause downpour and landslides which in turn raise the danger of health related issues. Fright, distress, shock and rejection are the general retort to such happenings. It causes deep trouble to people’s emotional and physical shape. People feel knocked out and numb during a hurricane.

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