Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young

A lot of the great companies just need a good startup then they flourish automatically and such a startup is provided by its founder so they are the most important person in a company. Here is a list of some company’s founders who died young .
10. Werner von Simens
werner von siemen Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
Werner von Simens, a founder and visionary businessman, who raised the standards of electrical engineering in the last nineteenth century. He played a key role in designing the telegraph and even he laid the foundation of SIMENS & HALSKE TELEGRAPH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. In 1866 he discovered the dynamo-electric principle, the most important achievement in electrical engineering, which was the root idea of development of electricity from the power source. Soon the company became worldwide famous. For his excellent work in favor of society, he was ennobled by the Emperor Friedrich lll. Such a great man died in year 1892.

9. Iiya Zhitomirskiy
Iiya Zhitomirskiy1 206x300 Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
Mr. Zhitomirskiy and his three friends from New York University’s courant institute of mathematical science were founders of a new social networking site known as Diaspora(software) also known as facebook killer, which aimed of providing more security to users about their personal information. They launched a trial of this website which challenges the most visited sites ‘facebook’ and ‘Google’. This project was a rival for facebook, twitter and Google based on privacy concern and allowed users to set up their own server and shared views much like other social website. This project was so innovative that even the facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg praised and agreed for donating money for this project. But Zhitomirskiy passed away on 12th November 2012 at the age of 22. And this result is a huge loss for the community of online protection. He was the youngest founder of company who died at a very young age.
8. Sir Williams
sir william Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
Wilhelm Siemens (1823-1883), younger brother of Werner founded a company on international markets in England. He worked in Siemens and Halske in London. A subsidiary SIMENS, HASKEN & CO. was founded in England in 1858 under his assistance. This company manufactures submarine cables. And after fixing the cables, it completely changed the scenario of telegraph market in London. Wilhelm who changed his name to William was not merely a businessman but also known for his scientific researches, innovations, publications and associations. And he was honored by Queen Victoria before he died in 1883.
7. Johann Georg Halske
johann Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young

Johann Georg Halske the master mechanic born in 1814 that run a workshop of his own in Berlin in 1844.   He was one of the founders of SIMENS & HALSKE TELEGRAPH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. He was the one who design the electrical equipments like the press, telegraph and measuring instruments. In 1867 due to some disputes he withdrew from the Simens Company and focused on improvement of Berlin City. They set up a museum of decorative art in the city. Even after his withdrawal from company he remained friends with his former partner until his death in 1890.
6.  Sigmund Schuckert
ss Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
The most intelligent mechanic and telegraph engineer Sigmund Schuckert (1846-1895) from Nuremberg. He initiated a small workshop of measuring instrument which soon prospered. His company deals with production of arc lights, switchgear, meters, lighting and some searchlights. In 1893 he suffered from some diseases so he withdrew from the company. But the growing demands of his company EAG, he could not leave it so he merged his both companies with introducing of some special bonus and social measures like health insurance and pensions.
5. Erwin Moritz Reiniger
emr Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
Born in 1854 in Erlangen, Erwin Moritz Reiniger started a workshop for manufacture of engineering equipments. He along with some of his friends founded a company called Reiniger, Gebbert & Schall which produces medical measurement equipments. Then after some time it was converted into a stock corporation which developed into one of the major company. In 1924 he joined marketing company with Siemens which was one of the largest producing companies in production of electro-medical products. Finally Reiniger died in 1909 in Munich.
4.   Adam Yauch
adam 198x300 Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
Adam Yauch one among the beasties boys, died at age of 47 because of cancer. He was a musician, rapper, director and founder of Milarepa foundation which was a film producing and distributive company. Also he was involved in movement to free Tibet and organized concert against violence. He even directed many music videos of his band further he launched the company named Oscilloscope laboratories.
3. William Shakespeare
shakespear Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
William Shakespeare is popularly known for plays and poems one of the best writer and dramatist. He is also rewarded with title of NATIONAL POET. His work includes around 38 plays, two poems, 154 sonnets and two epitaphs. His all plays are almost translated to all possible languages in world. He started his career in London and owned a company named Lord Chamberlain’s Men. He produced his finest work between 1589 and 1613 which include comedies and histories, later he wrote some tragedies combined with romance. His work was not well recognized during his life to that extend but now it has reached heights of popularity. But this great person died on 23rd April 1616 and soon after his death his direct line also ended.
2. Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Headshot 2010 CROP Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
Steven Paul Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was an entrepreneur and best co-founder and chairman of Apple Inc. He was also known widely as pioneer of personal computer revolution. Jobs was also co-founder of Piax Animation Studio. Because of some disputes Jobs left Apple and founded ‘Next’ company for knowledge regarding business markets and higher education. After Apple failure of not providing Operating System he returned back to the company then he raised Apple standards from bankrupt to a profitable margin by developing the iPods, iPhone, iMac, etc. But unfortunately on October 5, 2011 he died due to some respiratory arrest due to his pancreas endocrine tumor.  And after his death he was honored with many titles like ‘design perfectionist’, ‘father of digital revolution’ and many more…
1. Walt Disney
disney Top 10 Companies Founders who Died Young
Walter Elias Disney a film producer, voice actor, animator, screenwriter etc. was a great entertainer of his time. He was a co-founder of WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, which was known as one of the best motion picture producers. He was well known as producer and innovator in animation. He created most popular characters like Mickey Mouse and for his work he received many honors including 22 Academy Awards that is average of four in a year. Even many theme parks and resorts are named on his name like Disneyland, Walt Disney World Resort and many more. Then he died due to lung cancer in 1966 as he was chain smoker. So such a talented person died at very young age. But to mark his tribute even a museum was opened in San Francisco in year 2009 which display thousands of artifacts from his life and career.
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